Cat Photos

Oh those cats, they don’t know what to spend their energy on 🙂 In this selection I’ve got jumping, flying cats from different angles. There are really funny, and very brave creatures. I also got some interesting facts about cats, I’ll post some here, and some in the full news.
– Cats never meow with each other. This sound is especially for people.
– A cat can have more than 100 kittens in her life.
– One pair of cats and their offspring can produce 420 000 cats in 7 years.
– Talkative cats will follow you around the house to control your actions.
– Only their paws get sweaty. You might have noticed wet prints on the table after visiting the doctor.
– Cats can make about 100 different sounds. To compare – dogs can make only about 10 of them.
– The most fantastic record has been set by a cat Mincho in Argentina – she climbed a tree and never went down until she died six years later. During this time, she was able to have kittens three times with same tree-living kittens.
– A falling cat always acts the same. First the head is leveled, then the back, then the paws, and in the end the back is arched to soften the fall.
– If your cat scratches furniture, try making this place smell like lemon or orange. Cats hate these smells.
– The more you talk to cats, the more they talk back to you.
– The print of cat’s nose is unique, just like the fingerprint.
– The giraffe, the camel and the cat are the only animals that first move left feet, then right ones. Such walking guarantees quietness, speed and sprint.
– Cat’s ear turns by 180 degrees. In each ear the cat has 32 muscles, and to use the ear they use 12 or more muscles.
– If your cat is beside you and its tail is trembling, this is the biggest feeling of love it can express. When the tail starts to go down, its mood has changed – you can walk away without offending it

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