Boom De Ah Dah

Is it a gloomy Monday morning? It’ll always be better with Discovery channel. And they like everybody – even the long-gone Egyptian Pharaohs and gigantic octopuses.

I love the mountains.
I love the clear blue skies.
I love big bridges.
I love when great white flies.
I love the whole world.
And all its sights and sounds.

Boom–dee–ah–dah (x4)

I love the oceans.
I love the dirty things.
I love to go fast.
I love Egyptian kings.
I love the whole world.
And all its craziness.

Boom–dee–ah–dah (x4).

I love tornadoes.
I love arachnid.
I love hot magma!
I love the giant squid.
I love the whole world.
It’s such a brilliant place.

Boom–dee–ah–da (x5).

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