Richard Sweeney

There’s a theory that a human mind can’t think of anything that doesn’t exist in nature. And it’s true. Richadr (the author of these paper sculptures) says that he was inspired by natural lines and forms and they became the foundation of his work. We’ll start looking with Angel’s Wings.

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Richard Sweeney

Modernism in Art: Vases

Modernism, blasted as a lightning on the edge of XIX and ХХ centuries, was able to charm not only contemporaries, but future generations as well. Non-traditional style of Modernism was an escape from centuries-old rules and impressed people with its freedom, dreaminess and independence. There are no fixed forms, even stone is fluid. Nature is everywhere – reach ornaments, elegant curves, “fluidity”. Modernism tries to fly from rationalism to pure feelings, make forms alive. However, it is not something rough and abstract. Modernism art is very attentive to details.

 Emil Halle: Vase with cover Hydrangea