Comparison of Instagram Quality on Android and iPhone

Please treat this post is kind of quasi-scientific and demi-comprehensive bug report to Instagram. Click on each image to see damage extent. If you wish to participate in the experiment, please download first photo from this post to your phone, apply “contrast sun” effect to it, upload to Instagram and post link to your photo into comments to this post.

Generally, Android can handle image resize and rotation. I checked with Android App called (surprise!) Resize Lite. Below you will find an image, not yet cropped, just resized to size comparable with Instagram.

(below) Original image, cropped and resized to 612×612 on PC in GIMP. You can use it as a reference point.
Source Image. Resized on PC, using GIMP

(below) Image with application of base filter (I don’t know its name, but it looks like half-shaded sun and placed in the top menu, uploaded to Instagram and it looks… Hm… Strange. (Instagram link)

But this could be due to the reason that Samsung Galaxy S is too old. OK. Here is photo from Samsung Galaxy S II (second generation). (Instagram link)

(below) May be it is just a Samsung-specific issue? The same image processed on Asus Transformer TF101. Does not look any better… (Instagram link)

And, finally, iPhone. I have no specific comments, just a jealousy. (Instagram link)

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